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The Zipscreen Difference

Zipscreen system's patented technologies ensure frictionless operation, precise installation, and a seamless, durable design.

Slimline Design

Made from engineering-grade, precision-extruded aluminum, the Zipscreen Frame and Headboxes are ultra-durable and sleek, measuring 5". Available in multiple colors and configurations, the Headbox is highly-versatile.

Adjustable Side Channels

Offering 20mm of adjustability, Zipscreen's Side Channels are designed to effortlessly adapt to fit almost any outdoor area and easily correct out-of-square openings. 

Hidden Zip Guide

Concealed within slimline channels, Zipscreen system's patented z-LOCK™ technology fastens the fabric securely, creating a strong hold and ultra smooth guide operation. 

Hidden Lock

Exclusive to Zipscreen, the Ultra-Lock is a patented, adaptive locking mechanism. Integrated directly into the side channel, Ultra-Lock quickly secures and tensions your shade.


Automate is a premium motorized control solution featuring impact detection, a range of control options and the convenience of operating shades via a smartphone app or using voice commands. 

Manual controls are also available with the Zipscreen system, including a manual crank arm and a spring mechanism operated by a weight bar. 

Weight Bars

Zipscreen shades have F56 standard & F72 heavy-duty weight control options – both feature a slimline square design and provision for additional weight to ensure the fabric is wrinkle-free. The weight bars are made of extruded, strong, and durable aluminum, and can be color matched to your shade. 

Premium Control Options

Motorized Control


Powered by an Automate™ motor, your remote-controlled Zipscreen shades move to position with the touch of a button.

Smart Home

Create an automated home experience with voice control, scheduling, routines and more. Enjoy the ultimate convenience with the latest smart IoT integrations.

Manual Control


Perfect for high ceilings and installations, the Zipscreen Crank allows your shade to open or close with just a few turns.

Spring - Available in 2025

Simply glide your shade by hand, and the internal spring ensures that it will move and balance to your chosen height.

Innovation &
Design Center

Our Innovation & Design Center (IDC) is home to state-of-the-art testing machinery and over 25 dedicated engineers, designers and technicians – all focused on continuously delivering market-leading solutions.

With almost four decades of R&D, every Zipscreen component is quality assured, rigorously cycle tested 10,000 times, and backed by our five-year warranty.

Wind Tunnel Test Results

A 7' 10-¼"  x 7' 10-¼" Zipscreen Shade withstood the maximum achievable wind speed of 87 m/h.

Even with these impressive results, it is always recommended to raise your Zipscreen when winds exceed 31 mph. Performance may vary depending on your application and structural fixings.

Energy Efficiency and Exterior Shades

Changing weather conditions can impact the efficiency of your home. 

Zipscreen Exterior Shades can block unwanted heat in summer to keep your home cool, and maximize sunlight in winter to keep your home warm.