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Zipscreen Technology


Unlike traditional exterior shading systems, Zipscreen utilizes z-LOCK™ - a unique, zip-guided technology.

Tightly integrated with the shade fabric and hidden behind the slim frame channels, z-LOCK connects the left and right sides of the system’s hardware with a streamlined and gap-free finish. Z-LOCK fastens the fabric securely and creates a strong, smooth, frictionless path for the shade while ensuring a perfect seal on all sides.


Ultra-Lock™ is Zipscreen’s patented and exclusive locking hardware.

Using a heavy-duty latching pin and hidden integration, the Ultra-Lock is designed to efficiently secure and tension the shade. Ultra-Lock’s one-action mechanism and adaptive locking technology automatically clicks into place once the shade closes. Durable, reliable, and completely unobtrusive, Ultra-Lock automatically locks and tensions your Zipscreen system, without bulky hardware or extra steps to manually lock the shade into place.

Motorized control and Ultra-Lock

A motorized Zipscreen system with Ultra-Lock is the premium shading solution, locking and tensioning the shade with a simple touch of a button or voice command. The convenience of Automate motorization is unmatched by any other solution.

The Ultra-Lock also boasts self-correcting technology, which auto resets when simultaneous locking is not achieved due to unexpected weather or obstacles. It is pre-assembled off-site so is quick and easy to install.

Spring control and Ultra-Lock

A spring-controlled Zipscreen system with Ultra-Lock ensures your shade is secure when closed, avoiding any unwanted movement. The shade can be operated from inside or outside using a handle attached to the center of the weight bar. The system automatically locks and unlocks upon closing and opening the shade, eliminating the need to manually secure the right and left sides of the shade.  

Crank gear control and Ultra-Lock

A crank gear-controlled Zipscreen system with Ultra-Lock uses a crank handle to operate the shades, providing manual locking and tensioning when the shades are closed.

Extruded Aluminum

To ensure the utmost durability, Zipscreen's product range is made from high-quality, precision-extruded aluminum.

The engineering-grade material offers a seamless exterior finish without compromising the strength or the design of the sleek system.

The modern square headbox is one of the slimmest designs on the market -only 5" - for a neat and compact overall look.

Available in multiple configurations, Zipscreen's ultra-versatile outdoor shades can be tailored to suit any home or business, with multiple headbox options. The Zipscreen cassette can be installed with a semi or full fascia, and a semi or full cassette.

Zipscreen's cassette is made from 6061-grade aluminum; a strong and secure solution for outdoor applications. This heavier extruded aluminum can withstand the harshest weather conditions and will not lose its shape over time.

Adjustable Side Channels

Designed with interlocking components, the Zipscreen side channels adjust and fit within almost any outdoor area.

Self-aligning side channels offer 20mm of adjustability to ensure effortless installation in out-of-square areas. Unlike other outdoor shades, Zipscreen’s adjustable side channels add an extra 15mm of adjustability on each side, whereas industry-standard shades rarely allow more than 5mm of movement. Zipscreen is designed to create a no-gap finish in any environment, whether commercial or residential without requiring major renovations.